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In this fast growing and continuously changing global business environment,

Intellectual Property plays a vital role which has never been experienced before.

Continuous technology development has become the key to success and consequently developing or acquiring IP assets for companies are the benchmarks for growth and survival. 

Initially, PATMARK was established as a start-up in the year 2014 to look after renewal/annuity payment and other IP support services which could focus and grow exclusively into these services. Initially confined to India, gradually, expanded to other IP support services such as filing services in countries of Africa, South Asia and Gulf/Middles east  countries. Consequently, considerable experience is acquired in handling these services.

Backed by Aditya & Associates ( ), a leading boutique Intellectual property law firm based in India (continuously ranked as one of the leading and top IP firms by International industry magazines like MIP, IP Asia etc. ), this start-up was launched. In 2019-2020 PATMARK became independent and started expanding its business under new auspices. To achieve its objectives and growth, it found suitable to move to Singapore, a business hub in Far East Asia and thus, it was established as an independent company having HQ at Singapore.

Today, we have a strong team backed by state of the art technology assisting its customers and clients not only by maintaining and managing large portfolios but attending to regular maintenance and timely renewal of their patents, designs and trademarks in different countries globally through a vast network of local associates.

We also specialise in IP support services such as filings and registration of trademarks in the countries of Africa, Gulf & Middle East region and South Asia. We have helped our customers and clients  based in some of the advanced countries especially from Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and some of the European countries by supporting services relating to their brands and patents in these regions efficiently and at a minimal cost.

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We bear an expertise in rendering one stop solution in IP Support services such as maintenance of brands and patents in some of the emerging countries of the world but difficult to work and coordinate reliably. We endeavor to combine the dynamics of customized technology with personalized commitment and focused expertise (backed by experienced patent agents and lawyers). 

PATMARK’S philosophy is to ensure efficiency, transparency and value-added services, a high degree of flexibility and cost effectiveness without losing focus and personalized attention.

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