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It is a global practice that applications or registrations of intellectual property, especially Patent, Design and Trademark are not necessarily for use by the person who registered it. This is because as most of the time, these IPs are being registered by individuals or universities, R&D institutions, Venture capitalists, Intermediaries (Non Practising Entity), start-ups etc. These applicants are either not interested in using these IPs or are unable to use it due to lack of funds etc. However, as registration of IP confer exclusive rights to use, sale, import, license, transfer, assign in favour of other parties, such applicants do consider licensing or sale/transfer of their various IP applications/registration to parties interested, capable and competent to implement and use these IPs.

All said and done, but such license, sale, transfer /assignment etc needs apart from legal expertise many procedural aspects also to consider as every such licensing or assignment needs to be recorded with local IP offices.

Here we come to help…. Our highly experienced team can guide and assist you in recordals of Licensing and Assignment of Patents, Designs, Trademarks globally at a very cost – effective way with a single point of contact.

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